TertiaButler.Com is a proud partner of the

Wealth Creators University. 

The Wealth Creators University is a unique university where they teach you to think outside of the box. Help you to change your mindset and equip you with the skills to think for yourself and ask questions. Instead of believing everything you are told, they encourage you to take responsibility and do your own calculations.

Their mission is to empower people with the skills and techniques they need to grown their knowledge to create, grow and protect their wealth - instead of relying on institutes to do it for them. 

Wealth Creators Strategy:

"It's the intelligent use of limited resources to get from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of risk" - Dr Hannes Dreyer

I have personally been a Wealth Creator method student at the Wealth Creators University for years. I have completed many courses and implemented the techniques shown. We have applied the skills we have learnt and successfully got out of debt. We are now in a position to purchase a house or whatever other opportunities become available. - Tertia Butler 

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